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Infrared heaters of ITGO "HELIOS" 50U.

Infrared heaters of ITGO "HELIOS" 50U.
  • Infrared heaters of ITGO "HELIOS" 50U.
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Infrared heaters of ITGO "HELIOS" 50U.

As a rule, the infrared system of heating with a total power at 25-30 below in comparison with convective system of heating is necessary for heating of one room. In a power range to 10 MW, the most actual for the industrial enterprises and the most demanded, starting costs of unit of rated capacity when using the most expensive infrared radiators are lower, than when using the boiler equipment in the most inexpensive option. At the powers less than 1 MW, the difference in starting expenses sometimes reaches two times.
The share of the capital equipment in infrared systems of heating makes not less than 55-60 total costs of the project, and at implementation of projects with traditional heating — 35-40. It says about decrease in specific weight of installation works and quantities of the additional equipment that it in turn reduces terms of a complete set and delivery of system.
Installation works.
In spite of the fact that at installation of infrared systems the additional expenses connected with installation of the equipment at height take place, the cost of installation of the infrared equipment is on average 25-30% lower than the cost of installation of the centralized/decentralized traditional sources of heat supply with use of the liquid heat carrier. Terms of installation of infrared systems of heating are on average 25-30% shorter. Due to the entry into the market of Ukraine of bigger number of producers of infrared heaters and with acquisition of experience of works by the assembly organizations gradual depreciation of installation works is observed.
Operational expenses.
Operational expenses for infrared systems of heating in a type of lack of the intermediate heat carrier get essentially other sizes. At traditional heating expenses on repairs and operation of heating mains, devices of heating, boiler rooms, and also costs of the electric power, water and water treatment, considerably exceed the cost of natural gas. Volumes of consumption of actually natural gas also significantly exceed, for the same areas, the actual consumption of gas in infrared system of heating. There are real examples of decrease in consumption of natural gas by 4-5 times, at operation of infrared systems of heating, in comparison with traditional systems of heating. Electricity consumption at the same time decreases in 8-12raz.
Costs of repair and service of infrared systems of heating make usually 3-5% of total expenses (in traditional systems of heating — 20-40%). The greatest expenses on time in the course of maintenance of "infrakrasnik" fall on preparation of radiators for a heating season, cleaning of torches and check of automatic equipment. The total cost of service of infrared system of heating is 5-8 times lower in comparison with traditional system of heating.

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